Winter’s Wisdom

As we move through the solstice gateway on Dec 21, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the shortest period of daylight  and the longest night of the year. Darkness prevails, the weather is cold, the trees are bare, animals are hibernating and often snow covers the Earth. The natural world is entering into a time of silence and withdrawal when darkness holds its sway.

While the Earth is quieting we humans are rushing and stressing. We are frantically running to the malls looking for gifts, feeling overwhelmed with activity and the pressures of the holidays. We are pulled into moving in ways that are counter to the natural wisdom of the seasons and do not recognize that what is happening in the outer world of Nature is also what our inner world of spirit and soul yearns for.

What we really need is to SLOW down and  accept the invitation of Winter for rest and renewal. Let us silence the outer noise and travel inward to reflect, dream and and plant the seeds of the new year and new growth. Let it be a time to gather strength in our bodies for the coming season of renewal. Let us remember the essential value of REST.

May we enter the fertile darkness that, like the darkness of the womb, births imagination, creation  and transformation. Let us hibernate, draw into our roots, let the darkness hold us and teach us patience. Allow ourselves to be still and tune into a deep sense of intuition and knowing that can only be found within.

From the darkness , let us also call forth the light. These Winter days mark the turning point of time when there is also a birth of new light. Each day the light grows. While it emerges , may we keep the flame of hope and love lighted within our own being. May we realize the light of Spirit which shines in all of us and call forth from one another the light and the love that is held in every heart.

Let us honor the darkness- Let us celebrate the light- both inner and outer.

Let us  honor this sacred time of year and the holiness of the holidays.

Blessings & Love