The Possibilities of Virtual Touch: Its Power, Value and Benefit

A webinar hosted by USABP and
presented by Joe Weldon, Co-founder of Transformative Touch and The Somatic Therapy Center

Join us on Thursday, Nov 19th from 7-9 pm ET 

Touching is at the heart and soul of everything we do at The Somatic Therapy Center. We teach our clients as well as our students that touch is a full contact therapeutic endeavor. Translated practically into our work as practitioners of Transformative Touch, this means  we touch our clients with our hands as well as our hearts, our souls, our presence and our words. Touch is woven into every moment of contact with our clients.

Covid’s arrival has disrupted one of the ways that we touch our clients, that is, physically with our hands. This loss of physical contact creates tremendous anxiety because gentle, caring touch is the bedrock of safety. It allows for and promulgates the release of oxytocin which is a critical hormone that ameliorates  sensations of feeling unsafe.

In response to this loss we turned to the myriad of other ways we could still provide touch for our clients in order to bridge the isolation that sheltering at home was creating. In March, when our physical offices had to close their doors, we opened up the exploration of sending our Transformative Touch through the airwaves in our phone and Zoom sessions. We were thrilled to discover that virtual touch actually worked. Most of our clients reported feeling the same sensations of connection to their bodies as the literal touch we had been providing in the office pre-covid. The next discovery was that even new clients, who had never had a Transformative Touch session before were also able to feel the touch and tune into their body’s innate guidance. This has opened up the world in a way we had never imagined before. We are now doing virtual sessions across the globe and have come to the recognition that virtual touch is an efficient and effective way to heal during Covid times and even when Covid becomes a distant memory. Possibilities abound!

In this presentation we are excited to share with you the possibilities, value, benefits of using virtual touch. We will provide a simple step -by -step instruction on how to   in incorporate the beginning experience of touch into your sessions. A significant portion of the webinar will be dedicated to each of you having an experience of virtual touch.

  Main Points of Workshop

  • There are a myriad of ways that we touch and are touched.
  • Virtual touch allows clients to tap into their natural somatic abilities to discern and differentiate.
  • Virtual touch has a positive orienting effect on the practitioner as well as the client.
  • Somatic proprioceptive language is essential in doing virtual touch.
  • Virtual touch places us in a somatic relationship with our clients as opposed to just being providers of awareness.
  • In virtual touch the focus is on the expanse as well as the depth.
  • Step-by-step instruction to introduce virtual touch in your own sessions.

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