Joe Weldon, psychologist, MST


Joe, Co-founder of the Somatic Therapy Center,is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Master Somatic Therapist with over 30 years of teaching people from around the world to become somatic practitioners. Having given over 50,000 individual sessions, he is a experienced guide in the art of Transformative Touch. Joe has taught at the School of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania as well as at Villanova University. He is a true believer in the innate wisdom of the whole being and the healing power of humor.

Noël Wight MA MST


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Noel is a Master Somatic Therapist and a Co- Founder of the Somatic Therapy Center. Noel brings over 35 years of practice and teaching experience to her work.Together with her husband, Joe Weldon she has presented workshops at Omega Institute, Esalen, as well as various conferences including USABP, The Psychotherapy Networker, and Renfrew conferences. She is passionately committed to helping people connect what’s happening in their bodies to what’s happening in their lives allowing them to heal from both physical and emotional pain.”Your body is a wise ally, guide, and resource- it is home to your soul.” is her leading mantra. Whether seeing individual clients, presenting workshops or training practitioners of Transformative Touch, Noel provides a clear beacon of light and compassionate presence on your journey to your fullest self.

Chris Hammer

Master Somatic Therapist / Master Trainer

Chris is a Master Somatic Therapist in private practice and a mixed media artist. She graduated from the Rubenfeld Synergy Method Training Program with Joe & Noel in 2000. Shortly thereafter, Chris entered the Teaching Intern Program because of her belief in the work and strong desire to teach others. After 12 years of teaching, she became a Master Trainer for the Somatic Therapy Center with a training locale in Long Island. Chris also continues her role a mentor. Chris’ background as a clinical supervisor in a school for children with disabilities, an adjunct professor at SUNY Stony Brook and 30+ years as a Physical Therapist, gives her a strong foundation of how the body moves and the importance of the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Informed by her passion for art, poetry and music, Chris blends her strong clinical skills to compassionately guide her clients to more fully appreciate their true nature and move with greater ease in their lives. Find inspiration from Chris’s work here.

Brittiney George

Movement Practitioner

Brittiney George is a Movement Practitioner specializing in somatic massage therapy, Transformative Touch, and Infant Massage Education. She is the founder of Life Imitating Heart™ and has over 18 years experience teaching restorative movement in both private and group settings. A former native of Michigan, Brittiney moved to Pennsylvania in 1999 and embarked on an 11 year career as a corporate manager and trainer in the financial services industry, while also working with individual clients at a local Pilates studio. In 2012, she transitioned from the corporate world into private practice at The Resiliency Center in Flourtown, PA where she sees private clients, co-leads a monthly workshop series called Connection, Expression and Movement, and also a HSP in Leadership Community Circle. She also teaches Infant Massage Education, Baby Sign Language®Classes and gentle, exploratory movement classes. A few fun facts about Brittiney:

  • She Interned at University of Michigan-MedSport Physical Therapy Center
  • She was a DVAEYC Early Childhood Conference Speaker (2016) on “The Impact of Touch on Child Development”
  • She was also an Inspired Family Conference Speaker (2014) on “Using Touch to Help Reduce Stress for You and Your Baby”
  • She joined the Somatic Therapy Faculty in 2017 as a Teaching Assistant and Mentor and is presently an adjunct faculty member
  • She has also earned the title of Master Trainer of Transformative Touch
  • She is also a Master Somatic Therapist with 10 years experience

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Sarah Baker

Certified in 2007

Certified in 2007, Sarah joined the faculty with Joe & Noel in 2012 and is presently on the faculty of The Somatic Therapy Center. Sarah has also earned the title of a Master Somatic Therapist. Having started her life with a fun loving career in the performing arts, Sarah now uses the healing art of Transformative Touch to help people live more embodied and inspired lives. She is also a Certified mentor and maintains her private practice in Park Slope-Brooklyn, New York. Sarah loves helping her clients and students connect to their own inner guidance system and aliveness. Knowing that soulful healing happens when our whole selves- body, mind, emotions and Spirit – are touched, moved and deeply listened to.

Ramona Ndlovu

Licensed MFT and Certified Somatic Therapist

Ramona Ndlovu is truly a life-long learner who loves supporting clients as they access and apply their body-life wisdom. She began her training with The Somatic Therapy Center in 2016. She delightedly joined the faculty in 2021. Ramona is a certified somatic therapist in both Transformative Touch and Trauma Touch TherapyTM, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed massage therapist, educator, and textile artist. She maintains a private practice near Hershey, PA working with clients across the USA and internationally. You can learn more about Ramona at

Marybeth Kover

Assistant Faculty

Since 2007, Marybeth has used Transformative Touch to help others learn to love, listen to, and revere their body. She weaves her experiences as a mother, artist, yoga instructor, and singer, into her teachings and values the power of laughter and fun in the healing process. Marybeth is honored to be teaching others the power of Transformative Touch and finds true delight in the connections made within this community. She maintains a private Somatic Therapy practice in Brattleboro, VT and lives in the country with her partner, 5-year-old daughter, and two teenaged stepsons.