For all of our onsite trainings we will be hosted by Tony and Maureen who welcome us into their home and Rebirthing Training Center. We feel so blessed to have found this wonderful place filled with art, plants, and love. The address is 1027 69th Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19027. It is in the neighborhood called Melrose Park.

We at the Somatic Therapy Center take care of registration for everyone. You have access to a full kitchen with 2 refrigerators if you want to cook. The Center provides tea, coffee and other staples. There are also plenty of restaurants and take-out options.  A Trader Joe’s , Whole Foods and regular supermarkets are a short drive. For those of you who fly or take the train, there is always someone with a car that can help you get groceries .

There are 3 levels of rooms.  There are 4 singles and a newly renovated open space for 4.  Two of the beds have  screens and corners for privacy. The other 2 are more open. The rates range from $90  for a single- $. 65 for DBL and $65 for the open space semi-private. and $60 for the open area ones. There are 3 full baths.  There is a commuter fee of $ 15/day.
There are also Airbnbs in the local area as well as hotels 15- 20 minutes away. Unless you want the city experience, I would suggest hotels in the Willow Grove or Fort Washington area in order to make the commute easeful.

We will send a registration form out 3 weeks before each onsite.
Meet Tony and Maureen and see their home.

DIRECTIONS: The location of the Retreat Center is 2-3 blocks from the SEPTA Regional Rail MELROSE PARK Station. SEPTA has train access at every terminal at the Philadelphia Airport as well as the AMtrak Station at 30th st.
Here is the link to the schedule   take either the Warminster or the West Trenton line. Not all trains stop at Melrose Park , so pay special attention. They leave the airport at :10 and :40 of every hour.
When you arrive at the Melrose Park station turn and face the track- look to your left across the tracks and you will see a walkway that leads out to an overpass. That is where you are headed. To get there you will need to go down the stairs on the arrival side and walk left under the bridge overpass and then turn left into the train station parking lot on the other side. Go to the far side where the path walkway is. Follow that out to the street and walk a short distance until you see 69th Ave. Take a right and walk 2 blocks. The house in on the right and you should recognize it from the photo above.