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We are glad you are interested in a session.  Below you will read a little bit about working with Noël & Joe.

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Noël Wight  – Co-Director
MA-Master Somatic Therapist

If you…

  • Feel like there should be more to life than this (whatever “this” is )
  • Live more in your head and want to learn to be comfortable living in your body
  • Are filled with aches and pains (emotional or physical) and want some relief
  • Feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted and you want some comfort and ease

then you are in the right place. I can help you.

Our work together will be collaborative. I am here as your guide. I believe there is a place of wholeness and well-being that already exists within you; it just got overlaid along the course of your life. Our job, together, is to clear the path of all the obstacles and hindrances, so that you can move more freely and live more fully. Through gentle touch and intuitive dialogue , I will listen to you with compassion and understanding  providing a safe space to explore and discover how your body is a wise ally and guide for your life.

I have been on a healing journey both personally and professionally for over 35 years. Life has taught me a great deal about being human and through all the twists and turns of events I know the destination has been finding and being my deepest, truest self. That is the journey I offer to anyone who comes to work with me. There are certainly some universal themes in being human, but for each person, the path is different and unique. Through all the ups and downs , I believe in the resiliency of the human spirit and its ability to lead us all back home to our truest brightest Selves.

CONTACT: (215) 659-1495 somatictherapycenter@gmail.com

Joe Weldon- Co-Director
Licensed Psychologist
Master Somatic Therapist

Unable to walk until the age of five imbued in me a deep respect and regard for the traumatic experience of the loss of movement. In a session, I will help you differentiate your essence from the injuries that have happened to you. This will help you restore movements to your being that are necessary for you to live a life with ease, joy, and meaning. When full and free movement is restored then love becomes visible and viable. Come for a session and restore the lost, taken away, and forgotten movement that is your natural birthright.

Thousands of clients seeking to restore movement to their bodies and transform their lives are now moving about more freely and easily because of the gentle transformative touch I have skillfully provided them. Hundreds more have trained with me in the fine art and skill of Transformative Touch.

CONTACT: (215) 659-1495  somatictherapycenter@gmail.com