Bodywise Series

 stones in palmBODYWISE SERIES will be a 3-5 part weekly series of experiential mini-workshops inviting you to experience your body in a new way. For most of us we treat our body as a mechanical vehicle that takes us from place to place. From time to time we might take it in for a tune up, but mostly we wait until there is some kind of breakdown or malfunction, before we pay it much attention.

It’s when we sprain our wrist that we realize how many things per day we do that involve the movement of our wrist and our hands- putting on clothes, opening the refrigerator, carrying something, lifting, walking the dog, etc. It takes some kind of illness or limitation to awaken us to the miracle of our body.

These series are designed to open you to a whole new appreciation of your body. It is far more than a machine,it is home to your thoughts, your feelings, your spirit. It is a wise body..a holy body.

In our first 3- part series: We will relish the life giving miracle of your breath, the essence of your heart, and the surety of your feet.

Dates and more information coming soon.

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