Preparation for Webinar A

Webinar 12 : Verbal Skills that Develop a TT Session Pt 1
Assignment: Watch – Noël’s session with Helena
Assignment: Write responses (instructions below)

As you view this video we want you to focus on the 5 micro verbal skills that heighten somatic awareness and guide the client to the wisdom and resources of the body. There are many other skills present, like tone, movement tracking, observation, gesture etc., but right now we want your attention to be on the 5 verbal skills only. These skills provide the structure or scaffolding for moving the session forward and developing the session material, thereby accessing the wisdom and guidance from the body.
As you watch this video we want you to focus your attention on Noel, the practitioner, so that you can see how she uses these 5 skills. To facilitate this process we are going to look at various chunks of the session individually. Pay attention to Noel’s language, so that you can begin to see the many different ways to invite these explorations.
As in all TT sessions we begin with asking a question that elicits a sensation. We use verbs like “notice,” “aware of” and “experience” to do so.
Once the sensation is identified, we often reflect those words back to the client. This is an initial exploration of sensation awareness. Then we use a combination of the 5 micro skills to further heighten the client’s somatic awareness. Next we check back with the soma, asking “what are you noticing now? “ “ What’s happening here now? This helps the client to identify any shifts in somatic sensation.

WATCH VIDEO: Level One Session Demo: Noël’s session with Helena

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