With our foundational Level One course, you will be given all the essential skills necessary to help your clients heal holistically – heart, mind, body, and soul.

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Over the course of 9 months, you will learn:                                   

  • The important role of Safety in the healing process
  • The physiological basis of safety and how to help clients self-regulate.
  • How to help clients tune into the wisdom of their body.
  • How to support clients in listening to the sensations of their body and tap their body of knowledge.
  • The importance of intention in touch.
  • To develop a Touch of Presence.
  • The role of touch in human development throughout our lifespan.
  • The art of self-care in working with clients
  • The essentials elements of the collaborative therapeutic relationship.
  • The importance and value of bodymind connection and how to impart this to your clients so that they can relieve chronic tension and stress, free themselves from pain, improve self-awareness, transform old patterns and make new choices which allow them to be fully alive to their life.

Convenient Affordable and Effective

And the good news is that most of this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

You will have:

  • 16 webinars and home assignments which support two 6 day and one 3-day onsites. During the onsites you will learn the hands-on combined with the verbal dialogue.
  • Practice client hours with 5 one-to-one mentoring sessions with our amazingly talented faculty members.
  • It is experiential training with lots of individualized attention and care.
  • Community is at the heart of the program.

Come travel with like-minded people .

We are all dedicated to helping YOU succeed in bringing healing to the world through listening touch one person at a time.
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Curriculum and Materials

Enrollment in this 150 hour course includes:

  • Instructional videos of the 2 bodymind sequences which will help you learn how to LISTEN to your body through movement  and to heighten awareness of the bodymind connection.
  •  Demonstration videos by the founders Joe Weldon & Noël Wight.
  • 17 webinars – These introduce the foundational principles of Transformative Touch, Safety and the role of the polyvagal nerve, the relevance of tone and attuned responses of the therapist, the importance of touch in human development and its part in the healing process. Additional topics include relational skills, bodymind education, ethics as well as business development  including marketing and practice-building techniques. These webinars are LIVE and they are all recorded and available .
  • Web Access to relevant course articles
  • Trainee Manual
  • Two 6 day on-site and one 3 day on-site for hands-on learning experiences with an outstanding faculty as well as Co-directors Joe Weldon & Noël Wight
  • 25 practice client sessions
  • 5 individual mentoring sessions
  • 1  curriculum guide
  • 7 body wisdom guided meditations
  • clinical forms templates
  • 27 Massage & Bodyworker CE credits

A value of $7995

Offered to you for

(Installment plans are available!)
$ 1810 x 3
$ 910 x 6
for further information on other plans intouch@thesomatictherapycenter.com

(Travel, room& board fee, and private sessions are not included in the cost of tuition)

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100% Money back guarantee within the first 30 days of the program if you are not totally satisfied.  No questions asked.

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