Level Two: Transformative Touch Program

The skills of Level Two will build upon those of a Level One. Having learned to help clients pay attention and listen to the sensations of their bodies, you will expand and deepen those basic foundation stones of gleaning the wisdom of the body. In the Level Two Program, you will learn how to add a focused exploration of emotional material that arises from the soma. Understanding the importance of emotional expression and the role it plays in a client’s sense of well being as well as learning how to support your clients’ befriending of their emotions is at the heart of this level of training.
In Level Two we will also address the area of emotions from a number of perspectives, but always holding the view that emotions are a full-body experience. We will again be in the here & now, tending & attending to the sensations of the body to navigate the emotional waters of the client.The somato- emotional threads are so interwoven. Supporting clients to feel their emotions and not just talk about them is key to lasting healing.

2024 Training Dates

Monday evening webinars @ 7:30 pm

Webinar 1: April 22,2024
Webinar 2:May 6, 2024
Webinar 3:May20,2024
Webinar 4:June 3, 2024

June 20-25,2024

Webinar 5 :
July 1,2024
Webinar 6:July 15,2024
Webinar 7:July 29,2024
Webinar 8:Aug 12,2024
Webinar 9:Aug 26, 2024
Webinar 10:Sept.9,2024

Sept 19-24

Webinar11:Oct 7,2024
Webinar12:Oct 21, 2024
Webinar13:  Nov 4,2024

Nov 15-17

Webinar 14:Nov 25,2024
Webinar15:Dec 9, 2024