Level 2: Transformative Touch Course Outline
Webinar Recordings

Webinar 1:
April, 2024

Level Two Overview and Skill Review:

Webinar 2:
May 6, 2024

The Triune Brain– 

Webinar 3:
Mar 14, 2023

Molecule of Emotion


Webinar 4:
Mar 28, 2023

Explicit and Implicit Communication


Onsite 1: APRIL 6-11, 2023

Geography of emotions/ Emotional embodiment/ Emotional engagement/ Questions and Statements /new somatic moves


Webinar 5:
Apr 25, 2023

The Human Heart- click link to see post-webinar resources


Webinar 6:
May 16, 2023

The Heart Speaks

Webinar 7:
May 30, 2023

Being Thrown and Recovering Ground post-webinar assignment

Webinar 8:
June 13,2023

Analyze a L-2 Video- Click link to watch video and complete responses prior to webinar. Send to Noel by thesomatictherapycenter@gmail.com

Webinar 9:
June 27 2023

Safety in Being with Emotions – what is scary?

Onsite 2: In Philly- July 13-18, 2023
Somatic empathy and boundaries/Volunteer clients/Emotional protocol cont’d/new somatic move

Webinar 10: Psoas
Aug 1, 2023

The Psoas- the Muscle of the Soul- Post webinar assignment through link

Webinars :

11: Aug 15, 2023-Gut & Diaphragm

12:Aug 29, 2023– Mirror Neurons & NS

13 Sept 12, 2023 – Sacrum & Voice

BEGIN Body Mindfulness series –
BRAIN: Listen to Brain guided mediation several times before we meet.
Cull 3 educational nuggets that you believe would be helpful to clients.
Prep:. Each 15-20 minute recording is chocked full of knowledge and little gems of education.The 7 that we have chosen to complement our studies are:
#24 Brain – Acknowledgement
#27 Gut- Validation
#22 Diaphragm- Laughter
#28 Mirror Neurons- Empathy
# 12 Nervous System- Sensitivity
# 25 Sacrum-Recognition
#23Voice- Champion
We would like you to take one of the recordings and listen to it for a few days. Live in appreciation of that part of your body during that time and record your reflections in your own personal journal. Move through all seven over the course of a few weeks. For each one, we would also like you to choose 3 educational points that stood out for you and write them down to discuss at the last webinar. Send to Noel thesomatictherapycenter@gmail.com

Webinar 14:
Sept 26, 2023

Body-mind-emotions idioms.
BREATH and Emotions

Webinar 15:
Oct 10, 2023

Soul & emotions

Onsite 3: In Philly – Oct 20-22, 2023 (TBconfirmed)

Volunteer clients/Emotional protocol cont’d/safety protocol practice
PHL Date: