The Community Forum keeps us connected to each other as fellow practitioners of Transformative Touch. Each month we will gather via ZOOM: and a faculty member or invited guest will present topics that are relevant to us as somatic therapists.

Continuing our 4 month series in the  community forum  : Prosody from the Inside Out 


July 8, 2024  Part 4b Prosody from the Inside Out -The Link Between Attuning with Your Client and Prosody

In this  forum we will continue to explore the value of accurately identifying our client’s nervous system state, our nervous system state, and how we can link up well through attuned prosodic statements and questions. We will explore how holding firm to the purpose of our work as transformative touchers allows us to stay with a client’s fluid emotional state and pair up with a right sized response.
We will also explore where we lose touch with our ground as we listen to clients and observe our inner state shifts.

We hope you will join us and look forward to seeing you !

After you register, an email will be sent to you on Monday afternoon with the meeting’s Zoom Link.


Community Forum

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August 5, 2024 PART 5: Review of all four parts of Prosody From The Inside Out with Question and Answer Time