The Community Forum keeps us connected to each other as fellow practitioners of Transformative Touch. Each month we will gather via ZOOM: and a faculty member or invited guest will present topics that are relevant to us as somatic therapists.

The next 4 monthly community forums will explore : Prosody from the Inside Out 

Mark your calendars !

Monday March 11, 2024- Part 1: Prosody From the Inside out

This forum includes an overview of this five-part series. In this first of 4 part series, we will be exploring the way your nervous system state shows in the prosody (or lack thereof) of your voice and how it impacts co-regulation with your client.

We have all learned that our body language, and especially our tone can greatly create a welcoming environment of attunement.  The ability for our clients to feel “met” by us can determine the efficacy of our work.

We touch with our words and our hearts yet how to use our voice to touch may seem challenging.

Our voices can welcome, “safe”, affirm, acknowledge, highlight, exaggerate, empathize and normalize our client’s experiences.  Knowing how important our voice tone is, then how can we bring more prosody into our work with clients?

 In part 1, We’ll include time to experience how shifts in nervous system states shift vocal prosody.

We will actively explore how our inner states can inform and form our tone: the tone of our body; the tone of our voice.  Practicing  prosody as an “inside job”, and available to all,  can support our confidence in creating  coregulation and attuned connections.

Community Forum

CE for Community Forum

April 8, 2024 Part 2: Prosody from the Inside Out  –Exploring the Impact of Expectations and Experience on Vocal Expression :

In this forum we will explore the many influences of our states that inform and form prosody.  Given that prosody is (nervous) state dependent, in this forum we will explore several of the factors ( i.e , personal history, beliefs, family of origin, birth order, culture, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographic locale, ethnicity,)  that shaped our developing nervous systems and thus the way we express ourselves vocally/orally

May 13, 2024 Part 3: Prosody from the Inside Out – The Shape of You

In this forum, we will have an opportunity to learn how anatomy, physiology, biomechanics etc. impact prosody . We will look at and play with how our morphology, posture, gesture, energetics, and biomechanics restrict and/or release our prosodic voice.

June 10, 2024 Part 4: Prosody from the Inside Out -The Link Between Attuning with Your Client and Prosody

In this forum we will learn the value of accurately identifying our client’s nervous system state, our nervous system state, and how we can link up well through attuned prosodic statements and questions. We will explore how holding firm to the purpose of our work as transformative touchers allows us to stay with a client’s fluid emotional state and pair up with a right sized response.

We hope you will join us and look forward to seeing you !

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Community Forum

CE for Community Forum