Continuing Education Program 

Welcome! We are thrilled to be able to be NCBTBM certified providers of Continuing Education for Bodyworkers.

Below are courses that may be taken independently to fulfill your CE requirements.
There is a registration below each description. Once you have registered and paid you will be sent a password protected link with all the materials needed to complete the course.
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Course 1: The Somatic Lineage of Body Psychology – Home Study with Live 75 minute webinar

Body psychology is a field of study that bridges the split between the body and the mind and is the wave of the future. As human beings, we experience embodied consciousness. Our bodies are home to our emotions, our thoughts and our Spirit. For somatic practitioners, the psychological aspects of human experience arise from our physiology. Somatic approaches teach us to listen to the way in which our embodiment speaks our stories and our history. In this course we will consider 5 of the pioneering somatic approaches along side the people who created them.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Know 5 ways that somatic-based approaches help clients
  • Know 5 pioneers in the somatic field and their contribution
  • Identify each modality’s approach to working with emotions.
  • Understand Coopers concept of 4 brains and its significance to somatic psychology.
  • as well as the importance of the tactile feedback loop
  • understand the significance of Bodymind being one word- one concept.

Course Outline:

  • Read Article – Hands –On Tradition by Griggers & Rubenfeld (answer questions)-available online with password
  • Read Article – Bodymind is One Word by Griggers & Rubenfeld (answer questions)-available online with password.
  • Attend 75-minute interactive discussion webinar with faculty member

Webinar Date & Time: June 9,2016  at 8 pm eastern time
Fee: $60

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Course 2: Body Psychology: The Foundational Principles of the Transformative Touch -HOME study with  60 min. live webinar
1 CE

Transformative Touch (TT) is one modality in Body or Somatic Psychology. This method combines touch and talk together to help clients heal from both physical and emotional pain. This course will outline the foundational principles of TT which are guideposts for helping clients form a new relationship with their body – a relationship where the body is a trusted ally and resource, not only for healing , but also for life.

Date & Time: May 26, 2016    8PM eastern time
Fee: $20

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Course 3: The Importance of Touch in Human Development – 60 min. live webinar
6.5 CE

Touch is called the “mother of all senses”. In this course we will explore the effect of touch on human development at all stages of life.Through consideration of the pioneering work of Harry Harlow, working with primates, as well as the psychoanalysts John Bowlby and Renee Spitz, touch will be shown to be an important, albeit essential, biological need for both physical and behavioral development.

In this course you will learn both the benefits of touch for infants as well as the impact that that lack of touch has on their development.

You will also become familiar with the touch based phrases in the English language that are linked back to sensory experience.

Course Outline
Chapter 2 titled “Untouched By Human Hands” in Love at Goon Park-Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection by Deborah Blum- write reflective page

Read: Chapters 1 through 4 in Touching: The Human Significance of Skin by Ashley Montagu write reflective page on each chapter

Webinar Date & Time:  June 23, 2016  at 8 PM eastern time

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