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The Somatic Therapy Center is located in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Follow us on social media!


Join a Mini-Series

The BODYWISE SERIES will be a 3-5 part weekly series of experiential Somatic Therapy mini-workshops inviting you to experience healing beyond traditional talk therapy, to use your body in a new way.

Somatic Therapy Training

Whether you want to use the skills you acquire to start your own Somatic Therapy practice, or to enhance the work you are already doing, the Somatic Therapy Center offers you an opportunity to take the next step in your career.

Somatic Therapy Near Me

Find a Somatic Therapist in your area. All Somatic Therapists listed have demonstrated competency in Transformative Touch through our somatic therapy training, an approach to Somatic Therapy that occurs through the touch of our voices, the compassion of our presence, and the talk of our hands. At the time of their certification all therapists listed have completed the necessary somatic therapy training and maintained their certification with Continuing Education courses.