Webinar 13 & 14: Body Wisdom Series

Lorie Speciale and  Chris Hammer , Master Trainers and Co-Directors of The Long Island Transformative Touch Training Program,  created a 30 day Body Wisdom Contemplations. This series is to support you in forming a friendship with your body and to appreciate the wisdom that it holds.

 Lorie took her decades of experience as a physical therapist who understands movement and combined it with her decades of studying & teaching bodymind therapy and gave us all a gift of amazing magnitude. Each 15-20 minute recording is chocked full of knowledge and little gems of bodymind education to share with your clients.

We have chosen 6 of the BodyMindfulness Contemplation Series to be used for the Level One training.

What we would  like you to do is to take one of the recordings and listen to it for a few days. Live in appreciation of that part of your body during that time and record your reflections in your own personal journal. For each one, we would also like you to note 3 educational points that stood out for you that you could share with clients and write them down to discuss at the webinar.

  We will spend one webinar on each contemplation. Here are the dates :


2. FEET- MEET & GREET – May 24,2022

3. HIPS- DEPENDABILITY  – May 24,2022

4. SHOULDERS -NOTICING – June 14,2022



6. HANDS- HONORING.  June 14, 2022


Level 1 / Webinar 14 Body Wisdom Nuggets