Free your Body..Ease your Mind….Soothe your Soul…

At The Somatic Therapy Center, our goal is to help people heal and become their truest Selves enabling them to live with more comfort, ease, and freedom.

Our approach is holistic and connects heart, mind, body and soul.

We look to the body as a wise resource, ally, and guide.
Your body has been your companion through all of life’s events and it knows in its muscles, nerve fibers-its very cells-the story of YOU.

Your Body has a story to tell- we will help you to trust it.

Your Body has wisdom to share- we will guide you to it.
Your Body is home to your soul- we help you live it.
To live more fully you must connect the body’s wisdom to the mind’s knowledge, the emotion’s expression, and the soul’s sensitivity.

For over 30 years, Joe Weldon and Noël Wight, have been seeing clients and teaching practitioners how to touch people and transform their lives.

We were the Co-Directors of the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute for 14 years and now have made the evolutionary step of founding the Transformative Touch method which brings together ancient wisdom and modern science.We offer advanced bodymind training that has deep roots in the somatic traditions while embracing the principles of soul psychology and the discoveries of neuroscience.

In Transformative Touch we work with the nervous system, guiding clients to:

  • Create new & awakened relationships to their body.
  • Understand their safety system and how to self-regulate.
  • Give attention, care & compassion to the sensations of their bodies for sensations are how the body communicates its wisdom.
  • Restore movement in their bodies, for movement is the key to life which unlocks the full expression of Self.
  • Express emotions long held in the body.
  • Experience more ease and freedom in their body & their life.
  • Relieve pressure and stress to open space for more peace & joy.
  • Connect to their sacred and immutable wholeness that is the Source for all healing.

The Somatic Therapy Center is located in Huntingdon Valley, PA.